Hot Knots by Libby

I’m a crochet designer and upcycler from South East London. I began my brand, Hot Knots, in 2018 when I learnt how to crochet. I combined my new skills with a method of making yarn from plastic bags that I’d learnt over a decade ago.

Since then I’ve been designing and making homewares and accessories using plarn (plastic yarn), raffia, donated yarns and scrap fabrics. Almost everything I make involves some element of upcycling, and I aim to produce zero waste throughout my making processes.

I believe strongly in ethical practices in fashion, design, and making. I am a ReMake ambassador, and support the amazing campaigns exposing the detrimental social and environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry and mass-production.

I hope that my humble brand can make a statement on the need to combat waste culture, and the importance of slow and ethical design practice.

Thank you x